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Sterling Silver Signet Rings

With the price of gold hovering around the $1,000 per ounce mark, many men and women are taking another look at sterling silver, especially when looking for signet rings . With silver, you can get a nice, hefty ring that does not cost anywhere near what the equivalent weight in gold would be. Unfortunately, much of the silver jewelry that people are familiar with is that low-quality stuff sold at flea markets--that kind of jewelry is great if you like the primitive, informal look. But what if you want a signet ring that is just as well-made as a fine piece of gold jewelry? Well, you should check out our extensive selection of Signet Rings for Men and Women to find such a ring! Two great examples are our Man's Sterling Silver Square Signet Ring, #1129 for that classic retro masculine look, and our Sterling Silver Woman;s Oval Signet Ring, #1167 --and of course we can personalize these rings by monogram-engraving the top of the ring with your initials. All Sterling Silver jew