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Gold Color, Karat Weight and the Klondike Gold Rush

Yesterday morning, on a whim, I checked to see what interesting historical events had taken place on that particular date.  After reading the names of those noteworthy enough to have their births and deaths recorded, I learned that July 17, 1897 was the beginning of the Klondike Gold Rush.  Also known as the Yukon, or Alaska Gold Rush, this event happened  less than a year after a massive quantity of gold was discovered in the Klondike region of the Yukon in August of 1896.  When the news eventually reached Seattle and San Francisco, it triggered a stampede of would-be prospectors to the area, all eager to find their fortunes. In keeping with history, today's blog is about gold, a dense, shiny metal (that most women love!) ~ a chemical element with the symbol Au and the atomic number 79.  Gold karat, known as K or kt (represented by ct, or carat, in some other countries) is the gold content of the metal.  Pure gold, or 24K, is a deep yellow color, but it is too soft to be used

Lapel Pins and Brooches

If you're reading this post on our Viridian Gold Nuggets blog, you might notice that we haven't written anything in awhile.  We missed Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day - not a very good record!  Since July 4th is just a day away, we're taking this opportunity to write about  Independence Day lapel pins, and the difference between pins and brooches. We are pleased to offer a collection of patriotic pins (along with a variety of other styles): flag, Shield of Honor, America, "One Nation Under God", just to name a few, and one of our favorites, the  USA Pin #6072  shown on the right, available with enamel, or in 14K white or yellow gold without the color accents.  You might also take a look at our "St Micheal Defend us in Battle" Pin   #6032 , a customer favorite, available in 14K or sterling silver.   To view our entire selection, see Religious and Patriotic Lapel Pins and Tie Tacks . A frequently-asked question is what exactly is t