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Quinceañera (15th Birthday) and Sweet Sixteen Birthday Jewelry

Depending on one's family background, the 15th or 16th birthday of a young lady is often celebrated by her family as a "coming out", her formal introduction to the social world. For a young Latina lady, Viridian Gold offers numerous Quince Años jewelry items, in rings, pendants and bracelets. For instance, our Two-Tone 15th Birthday Heart Ring, #1401 , is a quality, 14K Gold ring with a 14K Red Gold heart in the center of an open, heart design. This same theme is also available in a pendant , earrings and even a bracelet ! We also offer Sweet Sixteen jewelry, like the Sweet Sixteen Heart Charm/Pendant, #8021 , and many other heart designs that are just right for family gifting to a young lady on her special day! Check out our entire page of gifts appropriate for a young lady's 15th or 16th birthday , where you will find numerous jewelry items in gold and silver which are suitable for gifting as well as a few non-jewelry gift suggestions.