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Hollow/Tubular, v.s. Solid Wedding Rings

Because the price of gold has gone up so much in the last 5 years, we are seeing more gold jewelry that uses techniques to reduce the gold content of the piece, and thereby lower the cost.  One recently resurrected concept is the manufacture of wedding bands which are hollow on the inside.  So, your ring will look exactly like a solid ring, but it will weigh much less, and therefore cost less!  But.... Hollow rings, sometimes referred to as tubular, or "Silk Fit Ⓡ", cannot be re-sized like a solid ring.  And, because they are hollow, they can be easily dented in normal use.  Once dented, they cannot be easily repaired, if at all.  And, they may not even cost less... For example, I found a size 10, 14K white gold "Silk Fit Ⓡ" band on eBay, listed for $170.  The gold weight is listed as 1.2 grams.  Our 14K White Gold Comfort Fit Gold Band in a size 10 is shown on our website today as $239.00, and the gold weight is 3.1 grams, over two and a half times more gol

The Christian Jewelry Shop now part of

The Christian Jewelry Shop website was created by us in 2007 to feature rings, wedding rings and pendants of interest to Christians. We have decided to close that site, and redesign, our main site created in 2005. Back then, our main site did not have much "religious jewelry" on it. However, over the years we have added all of the items that used to be on Christian Jewelry Shop, along with many more, in all price ranges, in our Faith and Family section. You will find many more Christian items now, such as our Sterling Silver, Ichthus Fish Ring , shown above, which carries the ancient symbol of early Christianity. Other jewelry now available are numerous children's religious items, such as our Child's Pearl Cross Necklace , in yellow 14K gold, including a 15" gold chain (also available in white gold). As always, you get free shipping, and you can have many items engraved, as well has have our rings custom sized to your specifications.