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Angels and More Angels!

This Christmas, delight someone you love with an angel!  Found in our Religious Jewelry section, you may choose from a collection of angel charms, earrings, medals, lapel pins, pendants and lockets.  For example, in our Religious Charms section, you will find cherub and angel charms, such as our Birthstone Angel Charm #8002 .  Or check out one of our angel lapel pins, such as the Praying Angel Lapel Pin #6036 , in our Religious Lapel Pins section. We also offer angel lockets, such as the Angel/Cherub Heart Locket #5078 , and our Angel/Cherub Oval Locket #5110 ,  And don't forget to browse our angel pendants, such as the Fancy Angel/Cherub Pendant #5568 , the back of which reads "Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here, ever this day be at my side to light, to guard, to rule and to guide.  Amen." With the variety of angel jewelry we carry at Viridian Gold, the most popular angel selections seem to be angel medals, appropriate for all ag

New Rona K "The Kids" Charms and Pendants

We at Viridian Gold are now pleased to offer our customers a selection of Rona K's "The Kids" pendants!  A delightful way to show off your own children and grandchildren, or as a gift for your favorite new mom or grandmother, these adorable little boy and little girl pendants come in several styles and sizes that can be worn as either bracelet charms or pendants.  For example, our  Boy "Kiss" Pendant #8231 is available in 3 sizes, with or without a hat.   You may choose from Rona K's Kiss, Hug, Joy and Love styles. Rona K "Kids" with diamond accents are also a popular choice, such as our Girl "Love" Pendant #8238 and Boy "Love" Pendant #8235 .  All Rona K "Kids" are 14K gold, original Rona K designs and come with a bail.  To view our entire collection of Rona K "Kids", as well as other little boy and little girl charms, see our Charms and Charm Pendants page.

New Patriotic Lapel Pins

Now you can wear more than just an American Flag lapel pin to express your patriotic feelings about our country!  We have added several colorful new pins with flag motifs, as well as pins with traditional written expressions of God and Country.  For instance, an old-fashioned American shield design echoes the stars and stripes in a unique, enameled 14K Gold lapel pin, the #6073 "American Shield of Honor" pin, shown to the left. Another design is our "One Nation Under God" Lapel Pin , which allows you to wear the sentiment expressed in the words of our Pledge of Allegiance to our flag:   I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."  It is available in 14K white and yellow gold, as well as a more economical 10K yellow gold version. Find these designs and many, many more in the Patriotic Lapel Pins section of our Viridian Gold web

More Sterling Silver!

Gold just doesn't seem to want to go down in price, so more folks are looking to sterling silver as their precious metal of choice.  Sterling silver is an outstanding jewelry metal--on most people, jewelry made of silver acquires a beautiful, mellow patina as it ages.  Some silver jewelry, though, is plated with rhodium to retard tarnishing, and this plating will prevent that patina from developing--it also will mean that you should not have to polish the item.  At Viridian Gold, we always indicate if an item is rhodium plated. We have added lots of new silver items in the last several months.  Like our #1187 Princess-Cut CZ Silver Ring , shown above, and the matching CZ Necklace and Earring Set , item #2183 shown to the right. Check our our huge Sterling Silver Collection , and find your perfect locket, earrings, ring, pendant or pin! On some folks, their body chemistry just won't allow them to wear silver--it will turn black after only a few hours of wearing!  And, som

The Magic of Opal

The opal is unique among gemstones because of its composition; it is made of hydrated silica spheres. These spheres reflect the light striking the opal like tiny prisms, creating thousands of rainbows which change in color as the stone is moved. Historically, the opal has been a symbol of fidelity and assurance, and at Viridian Gold, you will find it paired with diamonds or other gemstones in beautiful jewelry pieces. For instance, our classic White Gold Opal and Diamond Pendant #5145 is composed of a cabochon polished white opal, set in a white gold design embellished with three high-quality brilliant-cut white diamonds. Opal comes in other base colors besides white. A good example is our Yellow Gold Pink Opal Briolette Earrings #4060 , which is one of several opal earring styles we offer. See all of our Opal Jewelry at Viridian Gold, and while you are there, explore the hundreds of other items in our Gemstone Jewelry Collection !

Cool New Stainless Steel Diamond Pendant Necklaces

These multi-layer, high-quality stainless-steel pendants include an 18" stainless-steel chain and are available in butterfly and heart designs! In addition to a glistening diamond accent, the sleek stainless-steel coloring is also selectively enhanced with gold and black colorings, which are applied through a durable ion-plating technique, to give a striking, 21st century look. For example, the Stainless Steel Diamond Butterfly Necklace #2187, also includes a unique dual-bail design which splits the chain between the two black-enhanced wingtips of the gold-studded butterfly. One of our heart-shaped designs, the Diamond-Accent Heart Pendant in Stainless Steel #2184, includes rose, gold and black ion coloring in its multi-layer design. See these styles, and more, in our Sterling Silver & Stainless Steel Necklace Collection at Viridian Gold!