New Rona K "The Kids" Charms and Pendants

We at Viridian Gold are now pleased to offer our customers a selection of Rona K's "The Kids" pendants!  A delightful way to show off your own children and grandchildren, or as a gift for your favorite new mom or grandmother, these adorable little boy and little girl pendants come in several styles and sizes that can be worn as either bracelet charms or pendants.  For example, our Boy "Kiss" Pendant #8231 is available in 3 sizes, with or without a hat.  You may choose from Rona K's Kiss, Hug, Joy and Love styles.

Rona K "Kids" with diamond accents are also a popular choice, such as our Girl "Love" Pendant #8238 and Boy "Love" Pendant #8235.  All Rona K "Kids" are 14K gold, original Rona K designs and come with a bail.  To view our entire collection of Rona K "Kids", as well as other little boy and little girl charms, see our Charms and Charm Pendants page.


Anonymous said…
I love gold pendants!!

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