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Crown of Thorns Rings

Also a popular style for a wedding ring, the Thorns design can either be viewed as simply a beautiful design, or it can carry a deeper significance of the Crown worn by Christ at His crucifixion, symbolizing His suffering.  Sometimes this design is found as a "Wreath of Thorns" ring, so-called because the design only wraps around the top portion of the ring, allowing for custom ring sizing (where the "sizing bar" at the lower portion of the ring is made larger or smaller to change the ring size). In some countries of the world, wearing any outward  symbol of Christianity  is forbidden.   So, for instance, if you are a visitor in one of those places, you may not wear a ring which carries a cross . For this reason, many Christians will wear a ring with some other kind of symbol, such as the Thorns design.  Not long ago, we sold a matching pair of rings to a woman whose husband travels in Communist China (as a salesman) for that very reason!  He was not allowed