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Sterling Silver is perfect for Wedding Rings!

With gold and platinum prices at outrageous levels, sterling silver is becoming popular for those who want white, precious-metal wedding rings.  Here at Viridian, we have watched the costs of our jewelry items double in the last few years because of huge gold and platinum price increases.  Yes, you read that correctly!  A gold ring that cost $150 a few years ago is now priced at $300.  So, it is no wonder that couples are turning to sterling silver for high-quality wedding rings which will endure forever!  A popular seller is our "Joined by Christ" Wedding Ring , pictured at left, which is a fraction of the cost of the white gold version, yet just as beautiful!  Sterling silver is 92.5% silver, mixed with a small amount of other metals for strength, hence the marking "925" that you will find on some silver jewelry. It may also be marked "STER". But, doesn't silver tarnish?  Yes, it does, but for most people, a silver ring will not severely tarnish i