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National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 - October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month.  During this period, people recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the US, and celebrate their heritage and culture.  September 15 is important as the beginning of this observation, as it marks the anniversary of independence of 5 Latin American Countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.  Mexico celebrates its independence days on September 16, Chilie on September 18.

The Hispanic/Latino contributions to American society can be found in all aspects of life: literature and journalism, music, theater and film, sports, business, technology, and government, to name a few.  And Hispanics and Latinos have served in the US military in every major military conflict from the American Revolution on up to this day.

For these reasons, we at Viridian Gold are proud to carry Hispanic style jewelry.  See, for example, Our Lady of Guadalupe jewelry.  Our Lady of Guadalupe, known as Nuest…

Purity Rings and Chastity Rings

Purity rings, chastity rings, abstinence rings and promise rings ~ all names that symbolize a young woman or young man's vow to remain chaste until marriage.  This vow is made by the wearer to him/herself, to the presenter of the ring, and for Christians, to God.  This type of ring can also be worn by anyone who wants to change their way of life.  Two of our most popular purity rings are the "Unblossomed Rose" Purity Ring #1318 and Diamond Link Purity Ring #1073.  In this pretty ring, the two links represent the wearer and the one she will eventually marry.  The diamond symbolizes Christ, the foundation of her commitment to purity, and the foundation of her marriage to her future husband. 

We also offer chastity and purity rings in sterling silver, such as our "Love Waits" Daisy Purity Ring #1086 and the Covenant Hearts Chastity Ring #1039, a designer original by Evan Trinkle.  This ring is fashioned with three hearts that symbolize the presenter's commit…

Blessed Affirmations

Blessed Affirmations pendants and necklaces, all originals by designer Deborah Birdoes, are beautiful ways to express your sentiments toward those you love.  For example, our Blessed Affirmations "Friends" Necklace #2147 is fashioned with an angel on the front; the message on the pendant back reads, "Friends are angels in disguise."  One of our most popular Blessed Affirmations necklace is the Blessed Affirmations "I Love You" Necklace #2138.  Designed with a moon and a small star on the front, it reads, "I love You to the moon and back" on the back of the pendant.

See our Blessed Affirmations "All Things Possible" #2141, a reminder of hope for a loved one or friend who is struggling, or a celebration of answered prayer; or check out our Blessed Affirmations Necklaces for our complete selection.  If you still haven't found that special item you are searching for, take a look at our Symbols of Faith and our Marriage, Family and Frien…

New Diamond Cross Pendants in 14K Gold and Sterling Silver

At Viridian Gold, we are constantly updating our inventory, and we have just recently added some beautiful, diamond cross pendants in 14K gold and sterling silver.  For example, our Diamond Infinity Cross Pendant #5757 is crafted from 14K yellow gold with an infinity-style design and is adorned with 11 full-cut diamonds that form a cross in the center.  We have also added some 14K cross pendants that are colored with enamel, such as our Enamel Diamond Cross Pendant #5760, and this stunning, True Vine Cross Pendant #5252, pictured at the right, which features both yellow and white gold, full-cut diamonds and a dramatic background of black enamel. 

Some of our new, sterling silver cross pendants are also set with diamonds and gemstones, such as our Sterling Silver Citrine Cross Pendant #5733, and our Sterling Silver and Anodized Titanium Trefoil Diamond Cross Pendant #5747

Our customers purchase crosses for a many different occasions - weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, deployment, …

Summer Fashion in Affordable Sterling Silver!

Depending on whom you ask, you might be told that summer jewelry trends for 2011 continue to be bold, bright and colorful, or you may be told that loud jewelry is being toned down for a simpler, more classic look.  Whatever your style and fashion preference, Viridian Gold offers summer styles in affordable sterling silver.  If bold and colorful suits you best, take a look at our gemstone rings, such as our Black Onyx Ring #1014 in sterling silver, or our Lime Quartz Ring #1444 in sterling silver and 14K gold.  For dramatic neckware, check out our Black Onyx Jewelry section for items such as our Tear-Shaped Black Onyx Necklace #2191, pictured on the right. 

For classic summer looks, you might consider our Sterling Silver Hinged Huggie Earrings #4308 (one of our best sellers!).  Want to add color?  Have a look at our Gemstone Dangle Earrings #4059.

For classic neckware in sterling silver, visit our Sterling Silver Necklaces, and don't forget that pearls never go out of style!  For…

Sterling Silver is perfect for Wedding Rings!

With gold and platinum prices at outrageous levels, sterling silver is becoming popular for those who want white, precious-metal wedding rings.  Here at Viridian, we have watched the costs of our jewelry items double in the last few years because of huge gold and platinum price increases.  Yes, you read that correctly!  A gold ring that cost $150 a few years ago is now priced at $300.  So, it is no wonder that couples are turning to sterling silver for high-quality wedding rings which will endure forever!  A popular seller is our"Joined by Christ" Wedding Ring, pictured at left, which is a fraction of the cost of the white gold version, yet just as beautiful!  Sterling silver is 92.5% silver, mixed with a small amount of other metals for strength, hence the marking "925" that you will find on some silver jewelry. It may also be marked "STER".

But, doesn't silver tarnish?  Yes, it does, but for most people, a silver ring will not severely tarnish if it…

New Quinceañera, "Sweet 15" Rings and Pendants

We have recently added several new Quince Años items--check out our selection on our Quinceañera and Sweet 16 Jewelry page, to see pendants and rings designed specifically for this important occasion, even a few bracelets, earrings and lockets!  And, on that page, we also suggest a number of other jewelry items which would be appropriate for Quinceañera and Sweet 16 occasions.

For 15th birthday, consider our new Diamond Cut, Two-tone Gold 15th Birthday Heart Ring.  This delicate, open-work yellow gold ring features a rose gold heart in it's center, surrounded by a radiating heart design.  All of this is accented with diamond-cut ridges which capture and reflect the light, giving the ring an extra sparkle!  Also check out our new Gold Quince Años Heart Pendant, which features a large "15" inside a cut-out heart, with the words Quince Años around the heart itself.  These items are both crafted in high-quality 14K gold.

You can also find more jewelry suitable for teens and …

New Ceramic and Tungsten Rings

Looking for rings made from contemporary, alternative materials?  Then take a look at Viridian Gold's new ceramic and tungsten rings!  Titanium carbide, better known as high tech ceramic, has qualities that make it desirable in jewelry: hypoallergenic properties, durability (ranking a 9 out of 10 on Mohs Scale of Hardness), scratch resistance, style and affordability.  Our new selection of ceramic rings includes a wide variety of styles: smooth ceramic rings, beveled ceramic rings, and faceted ceramic bands such as our Black Ceramic Faceted Bands #1494.  We also offer ceramic bands with inlays, for example, our Black Ceramic Bands with Carbon Fiber Inlay #1489.  Color availability?  Several of our ceramic rings come in multiple colors, such as our Domed Ceramic Band #1503, which is available in black, white and pink ceramic.

For ceramic rings paired with tungsten and other metals, check out our Flat, Black Ceramic and Tungsten Bands #1501, and our Domed, Black Ceramic Bands with Tu…

New Religious Rings and Wedding Rings

To keep up with the ever-growing demand for Christian jewelry, we have added several new rings that can be worn as purity/chastity rings or as expressions of faith.  For example, see our Twisted Cross Ring #1195 in affordable sterling silver and our Carved Holy Spirit Dove Ring #1196, also in sterling silver (and a great gift for for Confirmation!). 

Two popular rings for men, our "Jesus" Ring #1194 in antiqued sterling silver, and our "Faith" Ring #1193, also in antiqued sterling silver, create statements of faith for the wearer.

And don't forget to check out our other Sterling Silver Religious Rings, our Purity and Chastity Rings, and our Cross and Crucifix Rings

We are also pleased to offer a new selection of Christian wedding rings.  Weddings are especially joyous occasions, and for those of you who are contemplating marriage, we have added Christian wedding rings in both 10K gold and sterling silver.  See our Crown of Thorns Wedding Band #1200 in both men…