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Now you can get beautiful Promise Rings at Viridian Gold!

Guys have always wanted to give their girlfriends some piece of jewelry to show their commitment to the relationship. And, when the couple is ready to take the Big Step, that event is traditionally accomplished with a diamond engagement ring. But what about a relationship that isn't quite to that point yet? Well, that is where the promise ring comes in, and more often than not, it is a diamond promise ring. We have recently added a collection of Diamond Promise Rings to our website to help you find that special, beautiful ring which says "I Promise!" A great example is the popular 14K White Gold Intertwined Hearts Diamond Promise Ring #1303 shown here. It's affordable, too, because we understand that this purchase is just not the same magnitude as an engagement ring would be! The diamonds in our rings, by the way, are not cheap, "dirty diamonds" that you find in department store jewelry. These are quality, white, good clarity stones that are worthy of a ri

What to look for when buying a traditional wedding band

First, we are using the word "band" to mean a simple ring which has little or no adornment. Like, for example, our traditional high-polish (shiny!) Gold Domed Wedding Bands , which are also available as genuine Domed Platinum Wedding Bands . A simple rule of thumb: When you buy a plain wedding band, you are paying for the weight of the gold or platinum. So how can you compare wedding bands when you don't know the weight? You can't! That is why we always tell you the weight of the precious metal in our jewelry--many Internet stores don't even tell you how much gold or platinum is in your ring, so it makes it impossible to tell if you are getting a cheap, thin ring. Even if their price is similar to ours, and the rings look similar, there is no guarantee that the ring is the same weight! And, remember that the weight will increase with the size and width of the ring, so you should expect to see a different weight as those factors change. What about the style of the

Check out our new military jewelry!

Looking for something for that loved one who is in the military, or whose spouse is? Some of our newly-added military jewelry might be just what you are looking for! The Military Cross Collection , #5501 is available in both 14K Gold and Sterling Silver. There is a version of the cross for each of the branches of the armed services: US Army, which is a two-tone design, and all-yellow gold designs for the Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Navy. And, these designs are also available in more-affordable Sterling Silver. Our American Flag Dog Tag Locket, #5089 is available in either 14K Yellow Gold, or Sterling Silver, pictured here. The locket will hold two photos, and could also keep a lock of hair or some other memento of the loved one. Remember, whenever you order a locket or pendant from Viridian Gold, you can add a chain at a reduced price! Just click on the green "Add a Chain" button above the item's description.