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What Do They Want for Christmas? The question is not only “what do they want for Christmas?” but what is your intention in the gifting. Yes, your own purpose determines “gifting success.” Success in gifting is a mutual satisfaction of both the giver and the recipient.   Whether you want to mark a milestone, express your feelings, or give the “hottest” new thing, we offer these thoughts in your gifting process. ·          Logic – We always suggest starting with a price range that you are comfortable spending and sticking to it. However, becoming well-informed on actual costs and values of the type of gift you desire to give is essential for you to establish a realistic budget. Sticking to your price range will help you to avoid buying escalation and later living in stress to pay more than you wanted to pay.  The receiver never knows what you spent, nor should they judge because after all, it is a gift. ·          Lifestyle – We recommend taking the receiver’s lifestyle