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Sterling Silver Signet Rings

With the price of gold hovering around the $1,000 per ounce mark, many men and women are taking another look at sterling silver, especially when looking for signet rings. With silver, you can get a nice, hefty ring that does not cost anywhere near what the equivalent weight in gold would be. Unfortunately, much of the silver jewelry that people are familiar with is that low-quality stuff sold at flea markets--that kind of jewelry is great if you like the primitive, informal look. But what if you want a signet ring that is just as well-made as a fine piece of gold jewelry? Well, you should check out our extensive selection of Signet Rings for Men and Women to find such a ring!

Two great examples are our Man's Sterling Silver Square Signet Ring, #1129 for that classic retro masculine look, and our Sterling Silver Woman;s Oval Signet Ring, #1167--and of course we can personalize these rings by monogram-engraving the top of the ring with your initials. All Sterling Silver jewelry …

More Fleur-de-Lis Jewelry

The Fleur-de-Lis (French for lily flower) has been used as a symbol by royalty for hundreds of years, as well as a political symbol. Most recently, it has become popular as a symbol of recovery, both from the devastation of hurricane Katrina and from the scourge of breast cancer. It was adopted as a Louisiana state symbol in 2008. At Viridian Gold, you will find that the Fleur-de-Lis is available in several jewelry styles. For instance, our Gold Fleur-de-Lis Circle Pendants #5307 makes a simple, beautiful statement in either yellow or white 14K gold. This style is also available in Sterling Silver with gold accents.

If you would like your Fleur decorated with a gemstone, you will be interested in our Fleur-de Lis Birthstone Brooches #6008, available in 14K yellow or white gold, as well as economical 10K yellow gold. The stone may be selected as a birthstone, or simply as your favorite color to complement your wardrobe.

You will find many types of Fleur-de-Lis jewelry on our websi…

Saint's Medals in Gold and Silver

One of our newest sections at the Viridian Gold website is our Religious Medals Collection. These medallions are popular for commemorating baptism, confirmation, and first communion, so we have many designs with the appropriate symbols for these occasions. Most of the medals can be engraved with names and dates if desired--of course, we can do this for you prior to shipping your order.

Our Religious Medallion collection also now includes Saint's Medals. Of course, we have several designs of Jesus Christ and His Mother, cherub and guardian angel designs (shown above), and we will be adding more saints to this section over time. For now, you can find medals of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, St. Agatha, St. Agnes, St. Benedict, St. Francis and St. Christopher (shown at right). Most of these saint's medals are available in different styles, as well as both yellow and white gold, and sterling silver.

As with all pendants at Viridian Gold, we offer a select group of gold pend…

Dramatic New Signet Rings

If you are looking for signet rings, you will find a great new selection for both men and women on our website! You will find styles in 14K and more economical 10K gold, as well as a many Sterling Silver signet rings. Signet rings are popular as pinky rings (a ring worn on the little finger), as well as the traditional position on your ring finger.

We have recently added many new designs, as well as more economical versions of the popular traditional, oval style, such as our Man's Gold Oval Signet Ring, #1134. You can now select from either solid-back or open-back versions of many designs. The open-back version looks the same as the solid-back from a top view, but the underside of the engravable top is scooped-out, so that there is less gold, and therefore less cost. Since we offer both versions, the choice is yours! Of course, both types are engravable. We can engrave your initials in Monogram style on any of our signet rings for you, or you can have the engraving done later. M…

Quinceañera (15th Birthday) and Sweet Sixteen Birthday Jewelry

Depending on one's family background, the 15th or 16th birthday of a young lady is often celebrated by her family as a "coming out", her formal introduction to the social world. For a young Latina lady, Viridian Gold offers numerous Quince Años jewelry items, in rings, pendants and bracelets. For instance, our Two-Tone 15th Birthday Heart Ring, #1401, is a quality, 14K Gold ring with a 14K Red Gold heart in the center of an open, heart design. This same theme is also available in a pendant, earrings and even a bracelet!

We also offer Sweet Sixteen jewelry, like the Sweet Sixteen Heart Charm/Pendant, #8021, and many other heart designs that are just right for family gifting to a young lady on her special day! Check out our entire page of gifts appropriate for a young lady's 15th or 16th birthday, where you will find numerous jewelry items in gold and silver which are suitable for gifting as well as a few non-jewelry gift suggestions.

Blue: Cool, Clear Aquamarine

Wow, even the name connotes shimmering, coolness! Not just aqua, but also marine! A member of the beryl family of gemstones (the same family as the emerald), aquamarine ranges from light to deep blue, and is readily available in high-clarity specimens, unlike the emerald. Since the 1400's, it has been considered the March birthstone (but before then, it was the October birthstone!). Aquamarine is a fairly durable gemstone, having a hardness of 7.5 - 8.0 on the Mohs' scale (10 is maximum hardness). Legendarily, it is a symbol of health, youth and hope!

At Viridian Gold, we have recently added eleven new aquamarine pieces to round out our collection of jewelry featuring this beautiful blue gemstone. For instance, pictured above is our Contemporary Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant, #5456 which combines the striking beauty of a faceted oval aquamarine in 14K white gold with the brilliance of seven full-cut, quality white diamonds. But, if you like a more traditional look, consider th…

More on determining your ring size

If you don't already know your ring size, it is really not possible to determine it with any accuracy without actually trying on several different-size rings to see how they fit. Too bad it is not as easy as measuring your waist size with a tape measure! Check our our Ring Size Help Page on our website for more info.

On that help page, we offer a "Ring Size Guide" which contains a number of circles which represented ring sizes from small to large. The idea is to put a correctly fitting ring that you already have down on the paper to find its size. But, the problem with such a document (similar ones are offered on other jewelry websites) is that you must print it exactly right in order for it to be useful--if your printer setup is wrong, then the document will print at the wrong size, and all of the ring sizes will be wrong! And, even if everything is set up correctly, and the document prints at the correct size, there is still a lot of room for error. This is because it …

Gemstone Rings: Wear A Rainbow On Your Finger!

We have recently added some beautiful new pieces to our store--if you like color, you will love these! Blue Topaz surrounded by citrine, peridot and amethyst dazzle the observer in our Gemstone Flower Ring, #1026. These are all securely set in a quality 14K white gold setting, and like most of our rings, we can custom size it for you in 1/4-size increments. Or, if you want a ring with color that is not quite so wide, check out our equally dazzling Muliti-Color Gemstone Ring, #1078, which boasts amethyst, blue topaz, peridot, garnet and citrine gemstones for a stunning five-color effect. The stones are set in a fine dual-rail 14K white gold setting which can be sized just for you.

If you are looking for color, but not in a ring, consider our beautiful Multi-Gemstone Bypass Necklace, #2093. Fabricated in fine 14K white gold, this necklace is composed of a pendant of diamonds, blue topaz, peridot, citrine, garnet and amethyst, all suspended on an 18" 14K white gold rolo chain. Check …

New Star of David Pendants

We have just added an extensive selection of Star of David pendants in both 14K Gold and in Sterling Silver. For instance, our 14K Gold Two-Tone Star of David Pendant #5537, presents a strikingly elegant, modern design that is composed of both white and yellow gold. In contrast, our 14K Gold Traditional Star of David Pendant #5572 displays a more conservative design. Echoing the blue of the State of Israel flag is our 14K Gold and Blue Enamel Star of David Pendant #5543. Don't miss these new items, as well as many other Star of David pendant, lapel pin and ring designs, in addition to Mezuzah, Menorah and Chai pendants in gold and silver that you will find on our Jewish Religious Jewelry collection!

New Religious Lapel Pins

We have recently added some new Religious Lapel Pins to our religious jewelry selections. Lapel pins are perfect for both men and women who want to make a religious statement with their jewelry, but do not wish to do so with a ring. These pins are all high-quality 14K yellow gold, with many styles available in white gold as well. And, a few styles are also available in sterling silver.

Our Star of David Lapel Pin #6053 is a beautiful, detailed Judaic symbol, with the addition of the Chai for an affirmation of life and well being. And, our Classic Cross Lapel Pin #6047 is the timeless symbol of Christianity in a simple, elegant design. Many other styles are available, too, such as Footprints in the Sand, two Ichthus designs, and many other styles of cross designs. In addition, we offer two styles of Memorial Lapel Pins, available in both 14K gold and sterling silver. As always, if you do not find what you are looking for, feel free to call our toll-free number or drop us an email via ou…