Blue: Cool, Clear Aquamarine

Wow, even the name connotes shimmering, coolness! Not just aqua, but also marine! A member of the beryl family of gemstones (the same family as the emerald), aquamarine ranges from light to deep blue, and is readily available in high-clarity specimens, unlike the emerald. Since the 1400's, it has been considered the March birthstone (but before then, it was the October birthstone!). Aquamarine is a fairly durable gemstone, having a hardness of 7.5 - 8.0 on the Mohs' scale (10 is maximum hardness). Legendarily, it is a symbol of health, youth and hope!

At Viridian Gold, we have recently added eleven new aquamarine pieces to round out our collection of jewelry featuring this beautiful blue gemstone. For instance, pictured above is our Contemporary Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant, #5456 which combines the striking beauty of a faceted oval aquamarine in 14K white gold with the brilliance of seven full-cut, quality white diamonds. But, if you like a more traditional look, consider this beautiful treatment of aquamarine in a detailed, round bezel setting, flanked by two full-cut white diamonds, also in bezel settings (right). In our Aquamarine & Diamond Scrolled Ring, #1027, this exquisite setting is suspended between full-relief, interlinked scroll designs on each side of the ring shank. The workmanship of this piece is truly remarkable, as you can see in the close-up photograph (click for larger view). And, as so many of our customers remark, "the piece is more beautiful 'in person' than in the picture!"

Don't miss our other aquamarine pieces in our Aquamarine Jewelry Section of our website. There, you will find necklaces, earrings (leverbacks, drops and studs), as well as more pendants and rings, all featuring aquamarine!


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