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New Ceramic and Tungsten Rings

Looking for rings made from contemporary, alternative materials?  Then take a look at Viridian Gold's new ceramic and tungsten rings!  Titanium carbide, better known as high tech ceramic, has qualities that make it desirable in jewelry: hypoallergenic properties, durability (ranking a 9 out of 10 on Mohs Scale of Hardness), scratch resistance, style and affordability.  Our new selection of ceramic rings includes a wide variety of styles: smooth ceramic rings, beveled ceramic rings, and faceted ceramic bands such as our Black Ceramic Faceted Bands #1494 .  We also offer ceramic bands with inlays, for example, our Black Ceramic Bands with Carbon Fiber Inlay #1489 .  Color availability?  Several of our ceramic rings come in multiple colors, such as our  Domed Ceramic Band #1503 , which is available in black, white and pink ceramic. For ceramic rings paired with tungsten and other metals, check out our Flat, Black Ceramic and Tungsten Bands #1501 , and our Domed, Black Ceramic Bands

New Religious Rings and Wedding Rings

To keep up with the ever-growing demand for Christian jewelry, we have added several new rings that can be worn as purity/chastity rings or as expressions of faith.  For example, see our Twisted Cross Ring #1195 in affordable sterling silver and our Carved Holy Spirit Dove Ring #1196 , also in sterling silver (and a great gift for for Confirmation!).  Two popular rings for men, our "Jesus" Ring #1194 in antiqued sterling silver, and our "Faith" Ring #1193 , also in antiqued sterling silver, create statements of faith for the wearer. And don't forget to check out our other Sterling Silver Religious Rings , our Purity and Chastity Rings , and our Cross and Crucifix Rings .  We are also pleased to offer a new selection of Christian wedding rings.  Weddings are especially joyous occasions, and for those of you who are contemplating marriage, we have added Christian wedding rings in both 10K gold and sterling silver.  See our Crown of Thorns Wedding Band #120