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Matching a Lost Earring -- A Success Story

Ever lose one of your favorite earrings from a pair, and want replace it with an exact match?  This is a common problem, especially with gold prices having shot up in the last several years.  Why replace an expensive pair of earrings, if you can simply purchase another matching, single earring?  At, we have realized that some of our customers are trying to do just that, usually with huggie earring styles .  So, we try to make this process as easy as possible by providing, on our website, photographs and a table of dimensions for each of our earring styles. For most earrings, we include the length of the earring, which is the same as the diameter across, in the title. Recently, we had a customer order a single 14K Gold 10.25mm Hinged Huggie Earring, #4163  .  After receiving her order, she contacted us to get an RMA number so that she could return the earring.  As we spoke, I realized that she was trying to match a lost one from a pair, and she did not have a me

Dog Tags

We have recently added some new, men’s jewelry for Father's Day ~ among them are several dog tag necklaces (with more coming soon).  After doing a little research on dog tags, I learned that the first military ID tags were issued during the beginning of WWI by the British Army and their imperial forces.  Two round tags, one of red and one of green fiber, were hung around the neck by butcher's twine.  On December 10, 1906, the Army tags were authorized in the US.  These were aluminum discs that were stamped with the name, rank, company, regiment or corps of the wearer.  In July, 1916, Army regulations decreed that all soldiers be issued two tags ~ one to remain with the body and one to be collected.  Two years later, the serial number system was adopted.* One common tale regarding notched dog tags that were issued between 1941 and 1970 was that the notched end was placed between the front teeth of casualties to hold the jaws in place.  But the notch was actually to ho