Matching a Lost Earring -- A Success Story

Matching a lost huggie earring

Ever lose one of your favorite earrings from a pair, and want replace it with an exact match?  This is a common problem, especially with gold prices having shot up in the last several years.  Why replace an expensive pair of earrings, if you can simply purchase another matching, single earring?  At, we have realized that some of our customers are trying to do just that, usually with huggie earring styles.  So, we try to make this process as easy as possible by providing, on our website, photographs and a table of dimensions for each of our earring styles. For most earrings, we include the length of the earring, which is the same as the diameter across, in the title.

Photo comparing a lost earring with a dime
Recently, we had a customer order a single 14K Gold 10.25mm Hinged Huggie Earring, #4163 .  After receiving her order, she contacted us to get an RMA number so that she could return the earring.  As we spoke, I realized that she was trying to match a lost one from a pair, and she did not have a means of making any exact measurements.  So, I asked her to email me a picture of the one she was trying to match, and to include a dime or penny in the photo so that I could determine the dimensions of her old earring.  We could then see if we could locate a match for her.  This process also made me realize that for some of our earrings, the website photograph does not show a perspective which allows you to match the exact shape--in her case, our #4163 earring (on the right in her picture) was horseshoe-shaped, but hers (on the left) was round, so we added a side view to our website's #4163 photograph to show that shape.

After receiving her photo, I could then determine it's diameter in Photoshop by referencing off the dime by using the dimensions given in our Jewelry Dimensions Helper Page, which enables you to compare the measurements and weights of US coins.  From that information, I determined that her old earring appeared similar to our 9.5mm Hinged Huggie Earring, #4076.  So, she returned the #4163 and we exchanged it for a single #4076.  She is now a happy customer, with a matched set!

If you need our assistance in matching a lost earring with a style on our website, please check our selection of gold, silver and platinum earrings to find a similar style, and then refer to the How to Match a Lost Earring page on our website.  Feel free to email or call if you need assistance.


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