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Divorce rings?

No doubt, for a handful of people a divorce is a freeing moment, and a cause for celebration. But, this is not the major emotion felt by the majority of those who experience this life-changing event. Divorce is the second-most stressful life event for an adult, scoring a 73 on a scale of 100 in the Holmes-Rahe Stress Scale (the most stressful event, at a score of 100, is the death of a spouse). Since the wedding ring is the symbol of the union with the spouse, the removal of that ring is also symbolic of something now missing. Many people elect to replace the wedding ring with another ring which also holds symbolic meaning, using it as a constant reminder of hope which works against feelings of despair. At Viridian Gold, we do not have any rings that are specifically "divorce rings", but some of our customers have apparently considered some of our rings to be good for that purpose. Recently, a friend of ours in another state ordered the Filigree Rope Cross Ring, #1403 in th

Ask us about custom jewelry!

Recently, we had a phone call from a customer who was interested in our beautiful 14K Gold Ginkgo Leaf Brooch . She said that she had one exactly like it years ago, but it had been stolen. Except, hers was a pendant and not a brooch--that is, it had a bail in the back instead of a pin. Could we modify our #6007 to make it into a pendant, she asked? Absolutely! Our expert jeweler removed the gold pin and used it to form a bail on the back of the stem of the leaf, as the customer had requested. As usual, a photograph just cannot do justice to such a beautiful and delicate work of art as this piece, but, still, click on the picture to see a larger view of this lovely brooch! So, the moral of this story is: If you see any jewelry item that you wish you could modify, please give us a call! Wen will be happy to discuss this with you, and provide you with a detailed quote for any modifications. That is because we are a full-service jewelry store, not a "drop-shipper!" Every item we

Renewing vows at the Edna Theatre

Wow, this is the kind of story that really makes my job a lot of fun! Tuesday of last week, we had a phone call from some folks in tiny Edna, TX who wanted to purchase a pair of our Gold Christian Cross Rings, #1001 . They were to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary in a special way that they did not tell me about until later! So, after we answered lots of questions that they had, they placed their order and we fixed up their rings for them, sizing them with the specific sizes they requested (13-1/2 for him, 6-3/4 for her), and shipped them out. This afternoon, they called to tell me that they received their rings on Saturday, and really liked them, and that they had renewed their wedding vows last night (Sunday). Where did they renew their vows? On the stage at the Edna Theatre where they had their first date! This theatre closed in 1977, and is now being restored to it's former glory. The neon sign has already been completely restored, and was re-lit in a special ceremony on

Yummy Chocolate Pearls!

Well, they DO look good enough to eat, but since these are real pearls which are dyed a rich chocolate brown, they really would destroy your teeth if you tried to eat one! Quality cultured pearls make up our new Chocolate Pearl jewelry pieces. Each pearl shows its rich lustre through an equally rich chocolate hue--our 6-foot long Chocolate Pearl Rope Strand, #2040 , combines darker brown color pearls with other earthy hues of golden browns and tans! Yes, you read that right--it is 72" long, so it can be looped several times for a dramatic look, especially when paired with matching 14K Yellow Gold Chocolate Pearl Lever Back Earrings, #4360 ! We have also added a more subdued, but still beautiful, matching 14K Yellow Gold Chocolate Pearl Station Necklace and Bracelet, #2106 . And these pearls make a great addition to your jewelry box, because they are great for blue-jeans casual occasions, as well as casual-dressy and all-out glamour ones!

Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry

Most of us who are over 30 know someone who has suffered from breast cancer, the second most common cause of death among women in the US after lung cancer. In fact, in the US, women have a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. To call attention to these serious statistics, many survivors of breast cancer, or friends of those afflicted, choose to wear jewelry carrying the symbols of the fight against this tragic disease. We have recently added some new items to the Viridian Gold Awareness and Causes collection , available in both 14K gold and sterling silver, which call for awareness of breast cancer. The pink ribbon has become the world-wide symbol for breast cancer awareness, and is the basis for new additions to the our store. For instance, the Pink Sapphire Awareness Brooch, #6004 , is constructed of pink 14K gold, and covered with radiant pink sapphires. Our 14K gold Fleur- de - Lis Breast Cancer Awareness Lapel Pins, #6013 , can be worn by men or women t