Ask us about custom jewelry!

Recently, we had a phone call from a customer who was interested in our beautiful 14K Gold Ginkgo Leaf Brooch. She said that she had one exactly like it years ago, but it had been stolen. Except, hers was a pendant and not a brooch--that is, it had a bail in the back instead of a pin. Could we modify our #6007 to make it into a pendant, she asked? Absolutely! Our expert jeweler removed the gold pin and used it to form a bail on the back of the stem of the leaf, as the customer had requested. As usual, a photograph just cannot do justice to such a beautiful and delicate work of art as this piece, but, still, click on the picture to see a larger view of this lovely brooch!

So, the moral of this story is: If you see any jewelry item that you wish you could modify, please give us a call! Wen will be happy to discuss this with you, and provide you with a detailed quote for any modifications. That is because we are a full-service jewelry store, not a "drop-shipper!" Every item we sell, custom or standard, is personally inspected by us before we ship it to you, so you can be assured of our concern for product quality and superior customer service!


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