Renewing vows at the Edna Theatre

Wow, this is the kind of story that really makes my job a lot of fun! Tuesday of last week, we had a phone call from some folks in tiny Edna, TX who wanted to purchase a pair of our Gold Christian Cross Rings, #1001. They were to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary in a special way that they did not tell me about until later!

So, after we answered lots of questions that they had, they placed their order and we fixed up their rings for them, sizing them with the specific sizes they requested (13-1/2 for him, 6-3/4 for her), and shipped them out. This afternoon, they called to tell me that they received their rings on Saturday, and really liked them, and that they had renewed their wedding vows last night (Sunday).

Where did they renew their vows? On the stage at the Edna Theatre where they had their first date! This theatre closed in 1977, and is now being restored to it's former glory. The neon sign has already been completely restored, and was re-lit in a special ceremony on June 30, 2008. They have assured me that they will be back to shop with us, and will tell their friends about our store. So congratulations, Mike and Belinda, on your happy 32nd anniversary--we are truly honored to be a part of your special celebration!


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