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Diamond Purity Rings

We have recently added some beautiful new rings to our collection which couple the cross and heart symbols as a dramatic statement of a woman's committment to abstenance prior to marriage. One of these, our Diamond Purity Ring, #1390 , displays a beautiful budded cross in which is contained a heart. Within the heart glitters a tiny diamond, symbolic of the life of the Spirit within it. A similar ring, our Diamond Hearts/Cross Purity Ring, #1421 , can also be paired with a matching pendant. For more chasitity and purity ring styles, in both silver and gold, see our Religious and Purity Rings section!

Late Gift? Let us send an E-Card for you!

It happens a lot here at Viridian Gold--folks sometimes do not place their gift order in time for their recipient to receive it in time for the special occasion. This Mother's Day, for instance, we had several orders that did not get delivered in time for Mother's day, just because they were placed too late! So, we created a brand-new, free feature to help with this problem! If you place an order with us for a gift, and you want the recipient to know that the gift is coming and when to expect it, then be sure to use our new E-Card service! Just go the Viridian Gold E-Card page and fill in your name and the recipient's email address, and put the E-Card item into your shopping cart along with your gift. When we receive your order, we will use your information to complete the E-Card along with the expected date the gift will be delivered, and email the E-Card to your recipient. It will cost you nothing extra! Your recipient must have an email address for this to work, of cou

More Memorial Pendants

A while back, I introduced you to a couple of our memorial pendants, and now we have added more of them! Our Small Gold Memorial Tear Pendants are elegant in their simplicity, with the symbol of the tear and the rose. They are available in both yellow (pictured) and white 14K gold, as well as affordable sterling silver. Another unique 2-piece memorial pendant is our rhodium-plated sterling silver "A Tear to Treasure" Pendant . This comes embossed with a moving quotation from Isla Paschal Richardson: "Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I loved you so--'twas heaven here with you." The Cubic Zirconia stones are mounted in a separate, open-design, tear-shaped pendant attached to the same ring as the larger solid pendant which contains the quotation. You'll find these, and other beautiful pendants, in our Religious and Family Pendants section !