Late Gift? Let us send an E-Card for you!

It happens a lot here at Viridian Gold--folks sometimes do not place their gift order in time for their recipient to receive it in time for the special occasion. This Mother's Day, for instance, we had several orders that did not get delivered in time for Mother's day, just because they were placed too late!

So, we created a brand-new, free feature to help with this problem!

If you place an order with us for a gift, and you want the recipient to know that the gift is coming and when to expect it, then be sure to use our new E-Card service! Just go the Viridian Gold E-Card page and fill in your name and the recipient's email address, and put the E-Card item into your shopping cart along with your gift. When we receive your order, we will use your information to complete the E-Card along with the expected date the gift will be delivered, and email the E-Card to your recipient. It will cost you nothing extra! Your recipient must have an email address for this to work, of course!

And, it always helps us to process your order if we know when you actually need the gift to be delivered. You can do that by explaining your needs in the optional "Comments" section at the very bottom of our checkout page. Then, when we process your order, we will read your comments and if we think that your order may not make your expected deadline, we will contact you to discuss options.


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