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Jewelry Size and Weight Visualization

We often have visitors to our website call us with questions about size or weight descriptions of our jewelry, especially earrings.  For instance, if you see a hoop earring specified as 18mm in length, what does that really look like?  Pictures of jewelry on our website, and other websites, are never "actual size".  This is because the image will be seen on many different types of displays--tablets, laptops, cell phones, and desktop computers.  Each of these devices will render the image at a different size.  In addition, if the item was displayed as actual size, the viewer would not be able to see important details in it's construction.  Even if a measuring rule is superimposed over the image, the rule will not be actual size, and visualization is still difficult.

Item weight is also important for all jewelry items, because the cost and value is proportional to the weight of precious metal.  But, on some items, such as earrings, weight is also critical because a heavy …

Crown of Thorns Rings

Also a popular style for a wedding ring, the Thorns design can either be viewed as simply a beautiful design, or it can carry a deeper significance of the Crown worn by Christ at His crucifixion, symbolizing His suffering.  Sometimes this design is found as a "Wreath of Thorns" ring, so-called because the design only wraps around the top portion of the ring, allowing for custom ring sizing (where the "sizing bar" at the lower portion of the ring is made larger or smaller to change the ring size).

In some countries of the world, wearing any outward symbol of Christianity is forbidden.   So, for instance, if you are a visitor in one of those places, you may not wear a ring which carries a cross.

For this reason, many Christians will wear a ring with some other kind of symbol, such as the Thorns design.  Not long ago, we sold a matching pair of rings to a woman whose husband travels in Communist China (as a salesman) for that very reason!  He was not allowed to enter…

Gold Color, Karat Weight and the Klondike Gold Rush

Yesterday morning, on a whim, I checked to see what interesting historical events had taken place on that particular date.  After reading the names of those noteworthy enough to have their births and deaths recorded, I learned that July 17, 1897 was the beginning of the Klondike Gold Rush.  Also known as the Yukon, or Alaska Gold Rush, this event happened  less than a year after a massive quantity of gold was discovered in the Klondike region of the Yukon in August of 1896.  When the news eventually reached Seattle and San Francisco, it triggered a stampede of would-be prospectors to the area, all eager to find their fortunes.

In keeping with history, today's blog is about gold, a dense, shiny metal (that most women love!) ~ a chemical element with the symbol Au and the atomic number 79.  Gold karat, known as K or kt (represented by ct, or carat, in some other countries) is the gold content of the metal.  Pure gold, or 24K, is a deep yellow color, but it is too soft to be used for…

Lapel Pins and Brooches

If you're reading this post on our Viridian Gold Nuggets blog, you might notice that we haven't written anything in awhile.  We missed Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day - not a very good record!  Since July 4th is just a day away, we're taking this opportunity to write about  Independence Day lapel pins, and the difference between pins and brooches.

We are pleased to offer a collection of patriotic pins (along with a variety of other styles): flag, Shield of Honor, America, "One Nation Under God", just to name a few, and one of our favorites, the USA Pin #6072 shown on the right, available with enamel, or in 14K white or yellow gold without the color accents.  You might also take a look at our "St Micheal Defend us in Battle" Pin  #6032, a customer favorite, available in 14K or sterling silver.   To view our entire selection, see Religious and Patriotic Lapel Pins and Tie Tacks.

A frequently-asked question is what exactly is the difference be…

New Earrings

We are constantly updating our inventory at Viridian Gold, and we have recently added some new huggies, hoops, dangles, studs and earring jackets to our extensive earring selection.  You may be thinking, "that's a lot of terminology for a simple pair of earrings."  Add the type of closure, and the terminology becomes even more confusing!  In this blog, we'll attempt to clarify information about hoop and huggie earrings.

Hoop earrings can be round, square, oval, big or small, heavy or lightweight.  Whatever style you like, comfort will depend on the weight and type of closure.  Some customers like hinged earrings, such as our #4089 pictured on the left.  This particular pair measures 2.5mm in width and weighs only 2.25 grams/pair.  Easy to open and close, a small latch inside the earring top catches the post, securing it in place.

Huggie earrings, like the one above, do just what their name suggests ~ they hug the ear lobe, and because they are shorter, their weight i…

February is Chocolate Lovers' Month!

February is not only popular for Valentine's Day, but it is also recognized as Chocolate Lovers' Month.  While we don't offer any edible goodies at Viridian Gold, we do have a selection of beautiful, chocolate pearl jewelry!  Quality cultured pearls show their rich lustre in deep brown hues in our 72" Pearl Strand #2040.  This gorgeous strand features a mixture of dark, chocolate-colored pearls with others in subtle hues of milky brown, bronze, tan and beige.  This 6 foot long strand can be worn full length, knotted, or wrapped several times for a dramatic look.  For coordinating earrings, see our Lever Back Earrings #4360, which also look fabulous with Pearl Necklace #2105

For different styles of chocolate pearls, see Station Necklace and Bracelet #2106, available in 7" and 18" lengths.  Measuring about 1-11/16" in length, coordinating Dangle Earrings #4356 are available in chocolate, black, pink and white.  Check our Pearl Necklaces for strands and …

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Today is February 1st and there are just two more weeks until Valentine's Day!  We at Viridian Gold are pleased to offer a wide selection of jewelry for your Valentine's Day gift for that special someone.  We have also provided a 10% off coupon (expires Feb. 6) to help you with your shopping ~ the coupon code is VALDAY-10. 

If you are searching for heart jewelry, we offer a variety of lockets, necklaces and pendants, such as Offset Heart Locket #5058 or Amethyst Fleur-de-Lis Pendant #5022.  For further browsing, take a look at our 14K Gold Pendants or Heart Lockets, where you will discover large selection from which to choose.  For a comprehensive view of sterling silver Valentine's Day gifts, see Sterling Silver jewelry.

Looking for an inspirational Valentine's Day gift?  Our Marriage, Family and Friends offers a collection of beautiful, meaningful jewelry in both 14K gold and affordable sterling silver, such as "Grow Old With Me" Necklace #2129, by designer…