Check out our new military jewelry!

Looking for something for that loved one who is in the military, or whose spouse is? Some of our newly-added military jewelry might be just what you are looking for! The Military Cross Collection, #5501 is available in both 14K Gold and Sterling Silver. There is a version of the cross for each of the branches of the armed services: US Army, which is a two-tone design, and all-yellow gold designs for the Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Navy. And, these designs are also available in more-affordable Sterling Silver.

Our American Flag Dog Tag Locket, #5089 is available in either 14K Yellow Gold, or Sterling Silver, pictured here. The locket will hold two photos, and could also keep a lock of hair or some other memento of the loved one. Remember, whenever you order a locket or pendant from Viridian Gold, you can add a chain at a reduced price! Just click on the green "Add a Chain" button above the item's description.


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