New Diamond Cross Pendants in 14K Gold and Sterling Silver

At Viridian Gold, we are constantly updating our inventory, and we have just recently added some beautiful, diamond cross pendants in 14K gold and sterling silver.  For example, our Diamond Infinity Cross Pendant #5757 is crafted from 14K yellow gold with an infinity-style design and is adorned with 11 full-cut diamonds that form a cross in the center.  We have also added some 14K cross pendants that are colored with enamel, such as our Enamel Diamond Cross Pendant #5760, and this stunning, True Vine Cross Pendant #5252, pictured at the right, which features both yellow and white gold, full-cut diamonds and a dramatic background of black enamel. 

Some of our new, sterling silver cross pendants are also set with diamonds and gemstones, such as our Sterling Silver Citrine Cross Pendant #5733, and our Sterling Silver and Anodized Titanium Trefoil Diamond Cross Pendant #5747

Our customers purchase crosses for a many different occasions - weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, deployment, holidays, baptisms and Confirmation, and funerals.  Whatever the occasion, we offer a wide variety of cross pendants in platinum, 14K gold, sterling silver and stainless steel, with and without diamonds and/or other gemstones.  If you don't find what you are looking for on our diamond and gemstone cross pendant page, please browse our Gold and Platinum Cross Pendant selection and our Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel Cross Pendant selection.  If you need assistance, feel free to call us - we are always happy to help!


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