Angels and More Angels!

This Christmas, delight someone you love with an angel!  Found in our Religious Jewelry section, you may choose from a collection of angel charms, earrings, medals, lapel pins, pendants and lockets.  For example, in our Religious Charms section, you will find cherub and angel charms, such as our Birthstone Angel Charm #8002.  Or check out one of our angel lapel pins, such as the Praying Angel Lapel Pin #6036, in our Religious Lapel Pins section.

We also offer angel lockets, such as the Angel/Cherub Heart Locket #5078, and our Angel/Cherub Oval Locket #5110,  And don't forget to browse our angel pendants, such as the Fancy Angel/Cherub Pendant #5568, the back of which reads "Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here, ever this day be at my side to light, to guard, to rule and to guide.  Amen."

With the variety of angel jewelry we carry at Viridian Gold, the most popular angel selections seem to be angel medals, appropriate for all ages, such as the beautiful, Cherub/Angel Medal #8067 in yellow or white gold, and our Guardian Angel Medal #8086 in yellow or white gold (also available in sterling silver).  Find these designs and more in our Religious Medals section.  Happy holiday shopping!


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