Religious Designer Wedding Rings

We have recently added some really beautiful new religious wedding rings to our store--check out these stunning two-tone, Carved Cross Wedding Rings with a design which is at once both ancient and timeless.  They are comfort-fit style, meaning the inside of the ring is slightly rounded (inside round) to make the ring easier to slide over the knuckle and also more comfortable over the years.  The ring pictured here is also available in a White Gold Carved Cross Wedding Ring, #1052 as well as our  the reverse two-tone, our #1069, where the cross pattern is yellow gold and the rest of the ring is white gold. Both of these rings feature a repeating Maltese cross style design.

Another attractive cross design is our Cross/Circle Comfort Fit Wedding Band, #1070,  in which the design is "diamond-cut" into a matte-finished white gold surface.  The contrast between the reflective edges of the recessed crosses with the non-reflective ring surface make for an especially elegant look!


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