Onyx jewelry for men

Black Onyx, that mysterious deep black gemstone that is so popular in men's accessories, is available in many styles in our store! Accessories in this style go well with formal attire, of course, but also blend with any clothing color scheme--so they make for a quality gift for any occasion. Even though onyx comes in many colors, folks just tend to think "Black" when they hear onyx. For instance, our Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Cufflinks, #9047, pictured here, are a dramatic combination, offering the contrast of the whitest metal known to man, with the blackest gemstone! Yes, silver really is the whitest metal--that is why it is used as a backing for mirrors.

Stainless Steel also makes a great masculine setting for black onyx, such as our Black Onyx & Stainless Steel Link Bracelet, #9085. It's even available with genuine 14K yellow gold accents as our #9084 Onyx & Stainless Steel Link Bracelet with Gold Accents, as shown in the picture. These items, as well as other men's accessories that utilize black accents in the form of rubber or carbon fiber, are available in our Men's Jewelry and Accessories section.


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