Ash and memento pendants

We occasionally have a customer ask us if they can place the ashes of their loved one, or soil from a special location, into one of our lockets. The answer to that question is, unfortunately, that we do not recommend it. This is because a locket is not designed to contain such granular materials--there is usually a small gap where the two portions of the locket meet, and any material such as ash or sand will quickly escape through that opening as soon as the locket is worn. And, when the locket is opened, more of the material would be lost.

But, we do carry pendants which are specially designed for just such uses. For example, pictured here is our Silver Heart Ash Memento Pendant, which is a solid sterling silver vial in the shape of a heart, accented with yellow gold plating. Because it is solid, it is also engraveable, allowing a short name or date to be inscribed--we can perform the engraving for you, just specify and order it on our website from our Engrave Your Jewelry page. This pendant includes an 18" silver chain as well as a small funnel (shown in the photo greatly reduced in size) which is used to place the material into the vial. We also carry cross and angel design themes, and all come with a chain, funnel and gift pouch. You can find all of these on our Silver Lockets and Pendants page.

So, if you want to wear your loved one's ashes, or soil/sand from a cherished location, please consider purchasing one of our pendants designed for that purpose. If you want to wear a photo, a lock of hair or a piece of cloth, one of our many designs from our Gold and Silver Photo Locket Collection would be perfect!


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