Should I buy a Titanium Ring?

Titanium has become an increasingly popular metal for jewelry, especially rings. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Titanium Rings. 

  • The PRICE. Titanium Rings come in a wide range of prices. Plain Titanium Rings and wedding bands can be purchased for under $100. Even Titanium rings with diamonds are less expensive since you are not paying for a precious metal such as gold or platinum.
  • Titanium is much harder than gold or silver, providing a durable and scratch resistant product. The hardness of Titanium makes it an excellent choice for anyone doing hands-on work that could easily damage gold or silver rings. 
  • Titanium rings come in a wide range of styles. Titanium's natural color is a soft gray, but Titanium can be anodized in black, dark gray, and many other colors. 
  • Titanium is light-weight for those who prefer a lighter feel to their rings.
  • Titanium is one of the most hypo-allergenic metals available. Titanium reacts with the human body so rarely that surgical instruments and replacement knee and hip joints are made from Titanium. If you have allergic reactions to gold or silver, Titanium is one of the best choices for your ring.
There are a couple of disadvantages to Titanium Rings

  • Titanium rings cannot be sized. If your ring size changes, the size of your Titanium ring cannot be changed. HOWEVER, most manufacturers of Titanium rings offer life-time exchange programs in which you can exchange your ring for a fee from $30 to $50  for a different size.
  • Due to their hardness, emergency removal of a Titanium ring requires the use of a motorized ring cutter. Most jewelers have this equipment available, but removal of a Titanium ring requires that the ring be cut in two places, and the ring cannot be repaired. 
We hope this information has been helpful as you consider your choices for fine jewelry.


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