Baptismal Crosses

What Size Cross Should I Buy for a Baptismal Cross? 

Baptismal Crosses come in many sizes. Some baptismal crosses are very small, around 1/4". These are certainly fine for the child to wear at the Baptism, but these very small crosses may not be that useful as the child grows older. 

Baptismal Crosses that are a little larger (1/2" to 3/4") are still appropriate for a Baptism, but may also serve well for a young person to wear well into their teens. 

The other question is what metal to choose. Silver is less expensive, but has to be cleaned more often because silver does tarnish. Gold is more expensive, but it does not tarnish. If you choose gold, you can economize a little bit by adding a gold-filled chain instead of a 10K or 14K chain. 

Sometimes gold or silver jewelry can cause allergic reactions. If there is a family history of allergic reactions to these metals, a platinum cross can be a good choice. If you are trying to avoid any issues with allergies, a platinum chain would also be recommended. 

Visit our site for more choices: Children's Religious Jewelry

Infant Cross (1/4")

Child's Cross (3/4")

Silver Four-Way Cross (3/4")

Small Platinum Cross (3/4")


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