Another happy customer...

Gee, I know I just wrote about one of these, but we just got another unsolicited "thank you"! This one from a customer of our Christian Jewelry Shop:

"Just wanted to let you know we have received our rings and we are very pleased. Thank you so much!" Pam W., Harrisburg PA

These folks had ordered our 1/4-Carat Diamond Cross Wedding Ring Set, #1381, and had the matching woman's rings joined together (an option we offer). It's a beautiful set of rings, and notice that the diamonds that we put in this set are very nice--clean & white, not a cheap off-white diamonds filled with inclusions. You should always check the diamond quality when comparing rings, whether it is on the Internet or in a store! Pay special attention to the largest diamond, because it is the most costly and because its size makes imperfections more visible.


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