What about religious jewelry? Some news....

We have started a sister site, http://www.christian-jewelry-shop.com/, to help spotlight some of our more specifically Christian jewelry items, with product descriptions that are written with a more theological bent. You can find specifics about types of crosses and crucifixes, for instance, with many historical and scripture references in the descriptions. Also, there is a resources page which provides some helpful links (IMHO!) to socially and theologically responsible sites. All of the items on that site are also on our Viridian Gold site, but the descriptions are a little different to accommodate different audiences, 'cause we think folks who browse the Christian Jewelry Shop are more interested in those details!

And, you will find and ever-growing pot load of gold Religious Jewelry on our Viridian Gold site with a more extensive selection than our Christian Jewelry Shop site. For instance, dangle cross earrings with both post and hook styles, religious charms and religious medals, with many of these items available in silver versions, too!

On both sites, you will find some beautiful wedding rings with Christian religious themes, both with and without diamonds. And we can even build up these rings to your specifications, with your ring sizes. Many of these styles are available in specially-prices sets, meaning you can buy two or three rings (engagement and 2 wedding rings) for less than buying them separately. And, don't forget that most rings (those 3mm and wider) can be engraved!


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