Debit Card "bank holds"

Sometimes we have customers who are surprised at the way banks handle their online debit card purchases--it is very different from a credit card transaction! When you place an order using a debit card with us, or with any online store, your bank immediately puts the entire amount of your order on hold. You cannot spend that money, but it does not mean that we have your money! So, if you cancel your order or make a change to your order which changes the original order amount, the bank "hold" for the original amount will still be present in your account! This is because the bank has no other way of making sure that the funds are available when the online merchant actually "charges" your card, and we don't do that until we ship your order (unless it is a custom order). This is only a problem when customers cancel or change their original order. If you use a credit card, a similar thing happens, but it only affects your credit line.

If this happens to you because you used a debit card with us, please call or email and request us to fax a letter to your bank explaining that the order was cancelled or changed and they should lift the hold for the original amount. Its part of our commitment to excellent customer service!


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