What is an "illusion" setting?

Diamonds are just plain beautiful! Let me qualify that statement, though: GOOD diamonds are beautiful. Just because a stone is actually a diamond, that fact alone doesn't make it beautiful, or valuable. That's why the old "4 C's" are so important when describing a diamond. A 1-carat diamond can vary in price from $10,000 (for a VS-clarity, E-color) to $1,000 (for an I2-clarity, J-color). You can see that quality is absolutely the most important factor to understand when buying a diamond--it's what determines a diamond's beauty. So, it really is better to get a smaller stone that is of higher quality, than to have a big "rock" that is off-color and/or full of black and grey specks!

If you want to buy a good quality diamond, but can't afford anywhere close to that amount, what should you do? One approach is to have it mounted in a setting which shows off the diamond by making it appear larger than it really is. The light that is collected and reflected by the diamond is also reflected off the shiny white surfaces of the setting, giving the appearance of a larger stone--hence the term illusion setting. There is actually more gold in this type of setting than a standard 4- or 6- prong setting--the extra gold surrounds the diamond all the way around, concentrating it's brilliance.  An illusion setting is always white gold, even though the rest of the ring may be yellow gold.

We offer several rings with this type of setting; for example, our Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, #1229 (pictured), or our Cross and Diamond Wedding Ring Set, #1020, both available in either yellow or white gold. Click on the photograph to get a closer view of the setting--notice how the top-down view of the stone appears larger--it is a 1/3-carat diamond, and the yellow gold version in the background holds a 1/4-carat diamond. You can also have a marquis-shaped illusion setting, as in our Marquis Cross and Diamond Engagement Ring #1380.

Most of our solitaire diamond rings can be fitted with an illusion setting if that is your preference.  And, most of our rings which come with illusion settings can be modified to a standard setting to accommodate a larger diamond, whether we supply the diamond, or you already have one.  Just drop us an email or give us a call to find out if the ring that interests you is available in that style.


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